Starting fresh

While tinkering with the last OS install, I realized I hadn’t set up its partitions properly.  I was having trouble removing some existing volume groups, which I was able to take care of doing the following:

$ sudo vgdisplay 
$ sudo vgremove

vgdisplay allowed me to view which volume groups currently existed, and vgremove allowed me to delete them.  Pretty straight forward. 🙂

As a sanity check, I started over with a fresh install.  One of my disks had mounted partitions, which I unmounted.  After that, I decided to go with manual partitioning (versus Guided, which was what I was doing previously).

Our server consists of 3 disks, each formatted as EXT4:

  • sda: 4.0 TB
  • sdb: 4.0 TB
  • sdc: 120.0 GB

I partitioned the smallest disk to contain my OS.  I partitioned this disk into 3 partitions: one for root, one for /home, and one for swap.

  • root (primary): 10.0 GB, as there is no desktop environment
  • /home (logical): 108.0 GB
  • swap (logical): 2.0 GB

Previous to this, I never actually knew what the swap partition was used for (hey, I’m learning!).. In summary, the swap partition is used when we run out of physical RAM.  Our server has ~16 GB RAM so this was probably unnecessary, but I went ahead and set it up anyway.

To finish, I mounted the other two disks (sda and sdb) under /media — mediadiska and mediadiskb, respectively.


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